I love Horror! I love Halloween! I love all things dark & spooky, fog filled mornings sipping cups of tea, and full moon nights watching scary movies...

This blog is dedicated to the love of vintage horror books mostly, but there'll be lots more than that. As a lifetime writer/budding author, my wish to create an area of my life which incorporates all of the above is paramount. So you'll see book-to-film comparisons, bits of my personal writings (if I'm brave enough to post them) and anything else I find amusing, awesome and just plain note-worthy.

In my Etsy Shop you will find a carefully curated selection of Horror, Gothic, Occult, Paranormal, Non-Fiction and Classics books. My inventory is dangerously close to my personal collection, and it brings me so much pleasure building up both. Hubby makes monsters of all sorts so you'll see a few of those as well.

Check back often because you never know what will cre-e-e-e-ep into LaCreeperie!