Bringing Vinyl Back (Again) and A New Shop Category

You'd pretty much have to be living under a rock for the last two weeks to not know that I've (once again) brought vinyl records back to the Etsy Shop. And I'm not afraid to say that it was purely out of necessity, and no other reason. Desperate times, desperate measures my friends. The records I have been listing come straight from my personal collection, and will continue until I am out of the woods financially. It just may take near all of my collection, but you do what you gotta do...

As a micro business, it's important to change things up, take risks, try different tactics. And over the last 16 years, I think (for the most part) I've been pretty good about that. Some things work, others do not. It's all part of the deal. But I never thought that when I began selling records over 10 years ago, they would cling to me for dear life, despite my trying to stop selling them multiple times. Do not misunderstand, I love selling records and have gotten rather good at dealing in them. But there was a time when I got really burnt out. Proper shipping supplies are so damn expensive and despite my best efforts, there is always a chance of damage while in the all-too-often careless hands of the USPS. Also thanks to the USPS' ever-increasing shipping costs, it's now rare that I have an International sale, when it used to make up a solid 25% of my buyers. That is a HUGE loss. All of these things combined with the virtual over saturation of reissues, and everyone and their mother seemingly selling records, I'd just figured my time was up.

I know this will make a lot of my old JustCoolRecords customers very happy, if indeed there are any of you left out there who even read this here blog. And, I have to admit, it makes me happy to bring them back in full force too, for many reasons, but mainly because they look so damn good in the shop. I guess you could say I'm once again throwing caution to the wind by combining my love for books and records into one shop. Combining products are not always in the best interest of sellers with shops in a specific niche. Then again, I have never been one to always follow the rules, and to break them when it suits my needs.

So if you're a fellow vinyl junkie, be sure to bookmark the shop because I am currently listing new records roughly three times a week. If it's easier to keep up via social media, you can always follow me on Instagram @lacreeperie and/or on Twitter @lacreeperie2.

 In addition to records, I have also added a brand new shop category: Arts / Music / Photography Books. Things tend to get lost in the Pop Culture section, and I've been wanting to carry more music biographies and arty type books with big, glossy photos. This also makes me very happy to include in the shop, and another facet of what I would have had in my vinyl shop years ago. But as I say, rules be damned, I sell what I want.

I hope you'll have a peek at the newest incarnation of LaCreeperie, I promise it will never be boring. In fact, I have another idea or two for more new categories brewing in my crazy head at the moment, so stay tuned to see what materializes.