LaCreeperie YouTube Channel New Playlist: Halloween Hootenanny

Well trick-or-treaters, I have been wracking my brains to come up with a suitable post for the upcoming festivities, and I tell ya it has been hard. Really hard. Because we're a savvy bunch, and there isn't much that escapes us in the way of all-things-Halloween...

So I figured the thing to do was to compile a bunch of Halloween themed videos, music and such that I enjoy every year, and share them with you on my YouTubeChannel in a dedicated playlist called Halloween Hootenanny.

The playlist features SNL skits, some of my favorite Halloween music, TV shows from my childhood, film clips and anything else I could think of to give you an evening's worth of entertainment celebrating our favorite holiday.

So grab yer treats, cozy up and let 'er rip. Hopefully the above window will play the list in its entirety, but if you have trouble, you can always go to my YouTubeChannel and check out all the things I have curated there for you. Incidentally, I am constantly adding titles and playlists to the channel, so hit that subscribe button if you wanna stay updated. I hope you enjoy, and of course, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!