Dungeon Synth Delights - An Ongoing List of Favorites

  A while back, I briefly mentioned how Tony of The Damn Fine Network got me hooked on a subgenre of synth music called Dungeon Synth. This includes nomikers like Dark Ambient, Medieval Synth, Neo classical Darkwave, and several others, but you get the idea. Over the last year, I have been dipping a toe into the moats, as it were, but there is SO MUCH of it out there, it's mind blowing! More recently, I have really gotten into a few specific bands (are they bands? One-man-bands? I don't really know) and I wanted to share them with you here, in case this is something you might like.

Because I have recently given up the podcast, I have more time to write, and read, and Dungeon Synth is the perfect accompaniment, especially when reading medieval fantasy, historical fiction or anything with magic and sorcery in it. Also fantastic to fall asleep to, particularly if you have insomnia, or are a chronic night owl, like me. Hoot! Pull out your favorite audio apparatus and have a listen:

By far, Lord Lovidicus (how great is that name?!) is one of my very favorites. Every single playlist or album I have listened to is truly magical stuff.

Then there's equally mystical Thangorodrim, found on The Dungeon Synth Archives Channel which specializes in "old school" Dungeon Synth. I haven't quite figured out the differences of old school vs new, but it just doesn't matter. Every track is a winner, I tell ya.

Finally, (for now) there's Witches Moon, in particular, the Tear Off Your Wings - Meditations  really caught my attention. I swear, the titles alone of these things will make you want to listen to them all. Honestly, I haven't really heard anything I didn't like from any artist, band, or whoever it is that makes these wonderful, ambient tunes. I'm just really glad they do.

I will be adding to this list as I happen upon more favorites, but you can also visit my Dungeon Synth Playlist via my YouTube Channel, which is where I put all of my favorites. Enjoy, and keep checking back!