A Shadowed Path Podcast Episode 12: All Around The World

Well kids, this is it. This is the FINAL episode of the podcast. Rather sudden, some of you may think, but I've actually been waffling about whether or not to continue almost from episode 1. Only because this little experiment was so out of my comfort zone, and I am woefully self-conscious when it comes to new endeavors I know next-to-nothing about.

I have also made the life-altering decision to close the bookshops, as time she is a tickin', and I am nowhere near publishing anything. But more importantly, these disastrous times we are living in have taken their toll on the online retailing world, at least for me, and it's become increasingly more difficult to keep my head above water. Besides all of this, I have been in this game in various forms for the last 14 years (think before Facebook!), and I'm getting mighty tired of begging for sales, the constant self-promotion, and many other facets of this incredibly volatile business. It's never been dull or predictable, I can say that much.

Anywho, I'm not here to whinge and complain, just giving you all a few reasons why I decided to end the podcast, and the shops. As for closing the shops, this will take some time, as I have a lot to liquidate, and I need to find another line of work before I can move on. So I'll still be around hocking my wares, at least for the next few months. I will, however, be keeping the blog going, as there are a few things cooking in the Bermuda Triangle that I will want to share here. But when the time is right, the Fakebook, Twitter, Tumblr,  Etsy Shop and most likely the website will all be closed. We'll see how I feel about things when the time comes as to whether I'll give Instagram the boot as well, or not. Stay tuned!