Author Spotlight: Florence Stevenson

 This cover is one of the best I've seen of late 80's, lurid horror covers. And I don't even care that it's rather misleading. Despite having not yet finished reading this gem, I'm fairly certain the horror element will not quite reach the heights that this coverart suggests. I care not.

See, Florence Stevenson was mostly a Gothic Romance writer, and a playwright even proceeding that. What I especially love, is that most all of her books have an element of the Occult, witchcraft, black magic, devil worship and the like. Sounds like fun, huh? It is! She writes with, at times, the tone of a man, but with the slightly softer touch of a woman, particularly when describing the most provocative scenes. Which makes for a very enjoyable read, in my opinion. I have had the good luck of featuring several of her books in the shop, only now I wish I had kept a few of them. For example, her Kitty Telefair Gothic Series, which includes 6 titles, are the most desirable--and difficult--to find. Below are the two that have previously been in the shop:

This is the first in the series, of course the most rare of the bunch...

And this is the third volume in the series...

And #4!

And most recently, this beauty, which is (as of this writing) still available here!

Told ya, most all of her writings involve witchy shenanigans of some sort or other, great stuff! 

This is the latest title of her collection that I just finished. Don't let the 80's infused theme fool ya, Florence still manages to get vampirism, black magic, clairvoyance and many other dark themes into this one!

I highly recommend searching out any of her books in your book hunting travels, and I will continue to carry her titles whenever I can. Happy reading!