New Favorite Podcasts List Part 2

Now that I've been aware of the podcasting world for almost a whole year now (did you read in part 1 that I'm sometimes late to the party?) I thought I should write a part 2 list of some of the podcasts I've been regularly listening to, and a few I've just found.

Speaking of just being found, it puzzles and saddens me that these podcasts should be so difficult to find in the first place. I guess that's because there are so damn many of them, you gotta wade through the high seas of mediocrity to find the good stuff. And I feel podcasters shouldn't have to rely on 5 star reviews just to be found. But I digress...

Here now is the continuing (and always changing) list of podcasts I'm listening to and enjoying. Hopefully you will find a few that you will enjoy as well...

Shockwaves is the podcast for Blumhouse Productions which I'm sure I don't need to explain. And even though I'm not normally a fan of a multiple host 'cast where everyone winds up talking at the same time, or over each other, but everyone is knowledgeable and have very similar tastes to mine, so I can overlook that. Rob G in particular, who also co-hosts Two Dudes Talking with Tony Giles of The Damn Fine Network, knows a lot about a lot and he has great insight into plot lines and such.

Mysterious Radio is another interesting paranormal podcast, K-Town is a great host and she has very interesting guests on talking about all things strange and unusual. The push to get new subscribers is a bit tedious, but I fully understand why they need to do it.

Wondery has a great collection of podcasts, Inside Psycho and Inside The Exorcist are two of them. Fascinating behind-the-scenes info and details of the authors from story inception through completion and beyond. Great stuff.

Just recently, I found a couple of fantastic Goth podcasts. I was surprised to find so many of them. These were found through Stitcher, but are available on iTunes, Google Play and the like as well. The Requiem hits every major goth/light industrial vein straight to my heart, Looking forward to catching up on all the previous episodes!

GothCast is another all-talk podcast I just stumbled upon. Here again, knowledge is king, and I find myself agreeing with most everything discussed. I like the no BS format, and the guys are extremely knowledgeable for someone (seemingly) so young. Give 'em a listen!

Keep checking back for updates to this podcast list, I'm always searching for new ones, and unearthing older ones. Stay tuned!