A Shadowed Path Podcast Episode 3: Retro Sci-Fi

Let's get spacey! Episode 3 of A Shadowed Path podcast has us rocketing backward....or is that forward...in time for a retro Sci-Fi audio experience. Off we go!

The first and third tracks come from this hilariously awesome album, part dialogue, part music, all awesome. RIP Mr. Spock, surely you've found another planet that is far more logical to inhabit. Mr. Spock's Music From Outer Space has just been reissued on vinyl too!

From there I discussed a bit about I Am Legend by Richard Matheson. A few months ago, I posted a more in-depth review of this fantastic book, it's no wonder it's a classic. Fair warning, it's dark, and some might say a bit depressing. But hey, that's life, and it's well worth the read.

Then I talked a little about Harlan Ellison, who is without a doubt one of the most interesting writers of our time. Below is just a bit of my personal collection, but if you want to begin a collection of your own, these titles are available on the website.

Moving on, we went into The Terminator soundtrack, one from the expanded score, and one from the original soundtrack. Good stuff there, both albums are essential.

Since the new Blade Runner just came out, I thought I'd revisit the original and drool over Rutger Hauer a bit. And if you haven't read his autobiography, this is what it looks like and I highly recommend picking it up.

Finishing off the episode, I thought the New American Orchestra's version of Vangelis' Blade Runner theme (ending) was a great way to send us off to the stars. I hope you've enjoyed our little trip into space. Until next time...