A Shadowed Path Podcast Episode 2: Halloween Hootenanny

The veil is getting quite thin now kiddies, our beloved Halloween is almost upon us and so is the latest episode of my new podcast A Shadowed Path. This episode of course had to reflect the holiday, as well as give you tasty treats to savor. Listen here:

Starting us off was another track from the excellent Halloween Hootenanny compilation album, a spoken word piece from none other than John Zacherley, horror host extraordinaire. Another track completes the episode in a gloriously ghoulish fashion. Hunt down the album on CD or the rarer vinyl edition, and you'll be happy you did.

I couldn't call myself a Halloween aficionado without playing John Carpenter's theme from Halloween, but with a twist.. This EP is called Zombie Zombie Plays John Carpenter and features remixes of several JC tracks, guaranteed to get yer booty shakin...

Then came a little bit of Halloween silliness from 2005 called "Do They Know It's Halloween?" an obvious jab at a similarly named holiday track from the 80's--which I actually have a huge soft spot for, so shut up. A rare-ish find on vinyl, and features multiple versions according to taste.

Next began the Written Word segment, featuring the trailer from 1976's The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane. I have loved this movie for years, as twisted as that might be. And the original novel the movie is based on is a super treat as well. Tea, anyone?

Then I talked about the surprisingly great Sleepy Hollow novelization, and (poorly) read aloud a spooky poem from the darling Poems Bewitched & Haunted book you see on the end there.

Now we really start heading to the Darkside with this classic theme kicking off The Spoken Word segment, where I mention my three favorite Tales from the Darkside Halloween-themed episodes...

...and of course the outro, which is just as delightfully scary...

Moving on to my FAVORITE clip of the episode, taken from 1979's When A Stranger Calls, proving that films watched as a child can STILL scare the crap out of you.

If the film doesn't scare you enough, maybe the soundtrack will...

Alrighty, enough scary stuff. Lightening things up with a little classic Rocky Horror...

Ok, ok...I know you wanna see the clip too..

Then I snuck in a couple of sweet treats...another favorite from Tim Curry, but perhaps not as well known, Paradise Garage keeps the gritty grind going.

Next up, another tasty treat from Count Indigo off the Harpsichord 2000 double 10"....meow...

And finally, The Final word segment, where I like to give my shout-outs and thank you's. Once again I must thank Tony Giles of The Damn Fine Network for giving me the opportunity to join the podcasting world, and for producing my podcast like a pro. Help us out by becoming a Patreon subscriber so we can continue to bring you all the cool things.

My long-time, long-distance pal Joe Wallace must be honored for his invaluable assistance at taming the Audacity beast. We definitely get by with a little help from our friends. Vinyl junkies will want to check out his brand new, bitchin website A Store Called Death.

I hope you've enjoyed this visual representation of the podcast, and will join me on Nov. 13th (barring any unforeseen delays) for episode 3! You can listen to the podcast via the website, or through your favorite podcast listening app. Also available on iTunes, Stitcher, GooglePlay, etc. by just searching the title or better yet subscribe to The Damn Fine Network so you never miss an episode. Stay tuned...

New from LaCreeperie - A Shadowed Path Podcast Episode #1: Witchy Women

It gives me great pleasure to write this post, announcing the debut of my own little podcast, A Shadowed Path. The podcast will run bi-weekly on Mondays via the Damn Fine Network of podcasts. Listen here: 

This post is meant to be a visual representation of all the things I talk about in the episode, so if there's something that interests you, you'll know what to look for.

We begin the episode with the title cut from the Vincent Price spoken word album Witchcraft & Magic. I couldn't think of a more fitting way to introduce this episode entitled "Witchy Women". Pictured below is the vinyl format of the album.

After the intro, we went into a little Siouxsie, and I would be remiss if I did not show the great video for the song, "Face To Face" from the Batman Returns soundtrack.

Next up, we heard my favorite track off the Nightmare On Elm Street 4 soundtrack, "Therapist" by Vigil. 

Following that was the first segment, "The Written Word" where I discuss favorite books and authors. This episode featured Shirley Jackson, Angela Carter and Silver Ravenwolf. Clicking on the names will take you to the website, and any titles I currently have available by said authors.

Grooving on, we heard "Ribcage Mambo" by Frenchy, off the Halloween Hootenanny compilation from 1998. All killer, no filler.

The next segment, entitled "The Spoken Word" featured a jazzy trifecta of witchy tunes from the Mad Monster Party, and Bell, Book & Candle soundtracks, and the theme song from Bewitched sung by Steve Lawrence (cuz I'm cheesy like that). Don't judge me monkey...

(I realize this clip is out of order, apologies!) The intro to "The Spoken Word" was a clip from the fantastic 1990 film The Witches, adapted of course from Roald Dahl's beloved book.

What is this, a freak-out?! I indulged myself by assaulting your ears with the trailer from 1976's 
"The Witch Who Came from the Sea." It makes me belly laugh every damn time...

Moving on to the final segment, entitled "The Final Word" This is where I like to give shout-outs, thank you's and offer info I deem worthy to bring awareness to.

Dark Town Sally is one of my favorite artists, she creates (among other things) dreamlike witches, each in their own little Halloween world. Truly beautiful. Unfortunately, she and her family (and countless others) have been affected by the devastating hurricane Maria. Give her a follow on Instagram to enjoy her lovely artwork, and there should be links available there for appropriate organizations in need of donations directly aiding Puerto Rico.

Dark Town Sally Webshop

Podcast Master Mr. Tony Giles is entirely responsible for A Shadowed Path podcast. His network is, in my opinion, of a very high caliber so I had my work cut out for me. Every show is a winner, and I hope to live up to the quality of his other shows. The chance to bring books, music and art into this medium has been a secret desire of mine, and I'm very grateful for this opportunity. I hope you'll stick with me, I promise I'll get better!

The Damn Fine Network has a Patreon campaign, and would welcome new patrons to help keep the DFN on the air, and expanding content.

The Damn Fine Network Podcast

My Final, Final Word of the episode is a message I want to shout from the rooftops: BE YOURSELF. IT'S OK TO BE DIFFERENT. And I could not say it any better than Mama Cass does in the 1970 film Pufnstuf, as you see below. I encourage you to pay close attention to the lyrics, and hear how relevant the words are today, nearly 50 years later. The whole soundtrack is wonderful!

P.S. I hope you'll join me on October 30th for episode 2 of A Shadowed Path. If you have any questions or topic suggestions, feel free to contact me on Instagram, or the Contact tab on this blog or via the website.