Book Review: Darksong by Jean Simon 1990 Evil Radio Run Amok

 This one not only pulled me in because of the cover art, but because of it's premise. I dove into it right away in case it sold in the shops. A fairly quick read for me because of the font and page count.

Half way through, I almost gave up. It's not that it's boring, it's just rather high in the melodrama department. The "scary stuff" is limited to a few sentences, effective in nature, I just found myself wanting more of it. Men might find it tedious and much like a Harlequin romance, without the romance. Funny, because a cursory research on the author shows her first book was indeed, a Harlequin-type romance novel. Darksong is her first horror novel.

There are a few surprises, and interesting kills buried between the many pages of family drama. What perhaps is most disappointing is the wishy-washy heroine--granted she is under the influence of evil, but I found her to be kind of weak for a real estate agent single mother of two, even for the late 80's when this was no doubt written. (Published in 1990).

I stuck it through to the end, which was not fleshed out well, and with no explanation of the evil torturing the characters. Very few answers are offered, and even less scares. Kudos to the art/marketing department for the creepy and compelling cover art, it definitely does the job even if the content does not.