Book Review: And I Don't Want To Live This Life by Deborah Spungen

 Sid and Nancy...the names are synonymous as heroin and track marks. Few of punk rock's most sensational stories are as compelling as this one. Hard-edged proof that truth is stranger than fiction.

Being a punk rock fan nearly since its inception, I had of course heard the basics of the Sid and Nancy story, and fell in love with Alex Cox's 1986 film of the same name. I had no other curiosity about the tumultuous existence of Nancy Spungen, mostly because she has most always been depicted in a most unflattering light.

So when this book came across my path, my first thought was that it would be great for the shops. But as I glanced thru the blurbs on front and back cover, I found myself opening to the first page and scanning the first few lines...

Well I was immediately sucked in. In fact, I didn't put it down for 50 pages (which is a lot for me as I'm a bit of a slow reader). It was completely fascinating from the very beginning, and I proceeded to inhale it every free minute I had for the next 48 hours, until it was finished. (Also no small feat for me at 430 pages in such a short time, I'm a busy lady).

I can easily and honestly say this is one of the best books I have EVER read, and I'm old and have read a LOT of books in my life. Not only is the story absolutely, insanely insane, but it greatly appeals to the writer in me in a non-fiction capacity. See, Nancy's Mom was not planning to be a writer, she had many other ideas for her career as an educated, middle class person. But this story begs to be told, not only because of the notoriety surrounding Nancy's short, wild life, but for the family and friends that survived the affects of the devastating tornado that was Nancy Spungen--truly from the moment of her birth.

I'll give no other details here, because you MUST read it for yourself. Suffice it to say that you will in no way be bored, even if you only have a casual interest in Sid & Nancy, or if you're a hardcore fan.