Entering the World of Podcasts: An Ongoing List of Favorites Part 1

 Here's a useless fact about me: I am always late to the party. But the upside of this is newly discovering cool things that most people take for granted. It has been this way all of my life, and I suspect, will be for the rest of my life. So keep this in mind...

I have just recently entered the world of podcasts, for the first time. Jeezus there is so much out there it's staggering, And overwhelming. And more than a little frustrating finding a really good one. Am I just too picky? Too old? Why would I want to listen to you and your friends drone on about nothing, and offer nothing in the way of interesting information? This is what I'm coming across more often than not, and no one is more surprised than me to discover how much people make these things just to hear themselves talk.

So the purpose of this post is not to bash the many useless ones I've come across so far, but to talk about the very few I have found enjoyable and informative. This really must be a different world, one you have to seek out and explore to bring into your own world. But enough of my yakkin...

First up is Mick Garris' brand spankin new podcast Post Mortem. Truth be told, this is the first podcast I have ever listened to in its entirety. Maybe that's why I'm having trouble finding any that live up to this one. Granted, there's only been one episode so far, but when the first guest is Rob Zombie, I guess that's kinda hard to beat. Can't wait for the next episode. UPDATE: This is a bi-weekly podcast, and you'll find yourself wishing it were more frequent. And that each episode were longer.

Next is This is Horror Podcast. When the description states that this is a show for readers, writers and creators, you've pretty much got me snared. Add a bloke with an East End London accent and an endearing lisp, now I'm really interested. In just one episode, I learned so much! These guys are writers or creative types, and often interview other published writers for insight into that world. Thanks guys, I'll be listening. UPDATE: I have since been so enjoying the This Is Horror Podcast that I have become a Patreon supporter of the show. For a monthly contribution far less than the cost of a Startbucks coffee, you can show your support and help keep the show on the air. LOVE IT!

Next up is Crypt of the Macabre. Ok, these guys had me at Slimey Limeys. They focus on Hammer and British horror films exclusively. And how could I not love a podcast that celebrates Peter Cushing on a regular basis? Their format is one I find appealing, like something I might like a LaCreeperie podcast to be one day. It's an idea I've been tossing around for a while now. See, I should clarify that I have of course heard of podcasts, I'd just never gotten into listening to them before now.

Next up is The Damn Fine Cast which is a podcast mostly revolving around (horror) soundtrack releases on vinyl and otherwise. Being that the guys are British, I could listen to them talk about geometry and I'd still be fascinated. But lucky for us they keep the pace moving and stick to the facts while playing snippets from the featured soundtracks, and even an occasional film. Look for their off-shoot podcasts too, they are all worthy of your ears. And I swear Tony sounds like Neil Gaiman! Also, he has just introduced me to Dungeon Synth; dark/medieval ambient music which is right up my alley OMG.

Another great one is Beyond the Darkness from Darkness Radio. This one covers all kinds of creepy topics, real and imagined. Always interesting, with good production value. Dave and Tim have frequent guests, spooky stories, horror film reviews and lots of true stories. Top notch!

Lastly, (for now) is the Mysterious Matters podcast. This one took me a little while to warm up to because the host's voice is...unusual. I wasn't sure if it was a computer generated voice at first, but realized nope, that's just how Bob talks. No matter, his guests are enough to get you hooked, with the subject matter covering all things strange and unexplained. But then the guests do a wonderful job explaining things that seem otherwise difficult for our puny brains to accept. I have found myself playing it for hours nonstop.

This post will continue to include new podcasts I come across and want to share. If you guys have a favorite, let me know! And I'll seriously consider adding my own podcast to the masses in the future.