Book Review: The Trouser Press Record Guide by Ira A. Robbins

 Originally published in 1983, The Trouser Press Record Guide: The Ultimate Guide To Alternative Music (4th edition 1991) packs a punch for those of us who prefer the sprawling wilderness of the post-punk era to today's paltry offerings labeled as 'new music'. With a focus on the often unknown bands, to the well-known within the Punk, Post-Punk, New Wave and otherwise alternative bands from all over the radar. Robbins and his crew offer highly opinionated, but detailed information, providing much more insight than the usual fare given in a typical issue of Rolling Stone.

The added beauty of the book is the additional info of vinyl releases for each band, as, if you remember, the majority of popular (and not so popular) music ceased to be pressed on vinyl when the almighty CD began its reign near the end of the 80's. Leaving vinyl production (mainly) to the rare artist who insisted on a vinyl pressing or special vinyl-only release.

I am not in the habit of posting pre-written material for my blog, however, the following review by Timothy P. Young sums it up pretty well:

"What makes this book great isn't the reviewing they do (concise and well written, always) but rather the fact that Trouser Press provides histories for each band before jumping into their material, and traces the progression of bands through their careers... If you want to understand the individual formations of bands, their original vision, how and why they changed and a full critical accounting thereof, buy the Trouser Press Guides."

If you would indeed like to purchase this buried treasure of the alternative dark ages, Amazon currently has it available for a price suitable for all budgets here: The Trouser Press Record Guide 4th Edition . Ira Robbins has since published a 5th edition called The Trouser Press Guide to 90's Rock: The All-New Fifth Edition 1997 of course including the 'influential' bands of the 90's Grunge movement. And you can bet your most valuable record I will be purchasing The Trouser Press Guide to New Wave Records for myself this Christmas.

Trouser Press began as a fan-zine in 1974-1984 publishing 95 issues featuring rare interviews, reviews, obscure photos and much more in its 10 year life span. Highly recommended.

LaCreeperie Website Now Features Vinyl Records

Yes darlings, it's true! It seems that book people are often record people too. So I have decided to include a Vinyl Records category on the LaCreeperie website, and see how it goes. After taking an Instagram poll, it seemed people were interested in seeing vinyl on the LaCreeperie website. "Give the people what they want" is one of my mottos, and so a vinyl category was born.

You can expect to see Halloween related records, Horror, SciFi/Fantasy soundtracks, spooky sound effects albums and a few Goth, Punk Rock and Pop Culture titles in the category. My main focus will always be books first, but I am having too much fun adding vinyl to the website. I've given up trying to keep abreast of all the new releases and reissues coming out faster than you can say BOO, but I promise to keep my record hunting skills honed to try to find the titles worthy of your attention.

Currently, new vinyl titles are being added to the website every other weekend (or at least Saturdays), in an effort to build up the category and give you fresh, tasty records to devour bi-weekly. So much has changed in the record landscape in the last year, making good titles much more difficult to find. But I love a challenge...

Welcome fellow vinyl junkies, pull up a seat and stay awhile. You never know what treasures I will come across on my quest for delicious and desirable books for you to read, and spooky records for you to listen to. Stay tuned!

A Formal Welcome...and a Brief History Of LaCreeperie

Since LaCreeperie's inception, it has undergone many, many changes in it's 6 year lifetime. What's that, you say? 6 years?? Yep. I dreamt up the LaCreeperie name 6 years ago, and immediately opened an Etsy Shop. At that time, I didn't really know what to carry in the shop, I just wanted to lock in the name and figured the rest would come.

At first I carried anything Halloween, Horror or Gothic related I could find, within the 20 year-or-older vintage parameter. Then I moved on to children's Halloween books, which did very well and sold out almost faster than I could list them. That's about the time my other shop JustCoolRecords began to skyrocket, and I could no longer afford the time to nurture LaCreeperie. Somewhere after that the shop remained completely empty and sad for more than a year until April 2014, when a new and improved LaCreeperie was born and remains as you see it today.

In November 2014, the website was launched, and has come to be the most successful website I have ever created in 13 years of online retailing. I have many loyal followers to thank for this, and I never cease to be amazed at the constant flow of positive feedback it receives. I guess I finally got it right.

So now it's time to build LaCreeperie's blog, by sharing books, art, websites, blogs, artists, writers and anything else I find interesting and fitting in the beautifully shadowed world of the horror enthusiast. Join me, won't you? And don't hesitate to drop me a line to share your favorites of the above mentioned so I might pass them along. Stay tuned for much more to come....