A Formal Welcome...and a Brief History Of LaCreeperie

Since LaCreeperie's inception, it has undergone many, many changes in it's 6 year lifetime. What's that, you say? 6 years?? Yep. I dreamt up the LaCreeperie name 6 years ago, and immediately opened an Etsy Shop. At that time, I didn't really know what to carry in the shop, I just wanted to lock in the name and figured the rest would come.

At first I carried anything Halloween, Horror or Gothic related I could find, within the 20 year-or-older vintage parameter. Then I moved on to children's Halloween books, which did very well and sold out almost faster than I could list them. That's about the time my other shop JustCoolRecords began to skyrocket, and I could no longer afford the time to nurture LaCreeperie. Somewhere after that the shop remained completely empty and sad for more than a year until April 2014, when a new and improved LaCreeperie was born and remains as you see it today.

In November 2014, the website was launched, and has come to be the most successful website I have ever created in 13 years of online retailing. I have many loyal followers to thank for this, and I never cease to be amazed at the constant flow of positive feedback it receives. I guess I finally got it right.

So now it's time to build LaCreeperie's blog, by sharing books, art, websites, blogs, artists, writers and anything else I find interesting and fitting in the beautifully shadowed world of the horror enthusiast. Join me, won't you? And don't hesitate to drop me a line to share your favorites of the above mentioned so I might pass them along. Stay tuned for much more to come....