Book Review: Cold Terror - 1970's Horror Fiction Anthology At It's Finest

This is the first book review I have written in a very long time, which is completely baffling to me, but there it is. It's almost ridiculous to admit I'd never really thought of it before. Here's another first; I've not finished the book yet but just had to write about this...that's how excited I am about it.

I found this little gem by chance at a local Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror Bookstore called Interstellar Overdrive (a great little place if you're in Vancouver, WA). Lately, I've been on this huge 1970's horror kick, (quelle surprise!) and Cold Terror fits the bill perfectly--just look at that cover!

Written by English author Ronald Chetwynd-Hayes in 1973, Cold Terror is a collection of short stories of the supernatural, and some are downright horror-fying. Fantastic. What's even more fascinating is that he also wrote The Monster Club (I also blogged about the amazing, and incredibly rare soundtrack on my vinyl blog) and From Beyond the Grave, two of my favorite 80's 'horror anthology' films. I can see by the massive list of his accomplishments that he is going to become a favorite author of mine, which will no doubt shortly become an obsession, as I hunt down printings of his other works.

What also comes as no surprise is that many of his books are out of print, and are fetching some really high prices. That's OK, I love a challenge, and it will be worth every penny. I highly recommend picking up any one of his titles should you come across them, he does not disappoint. I wonder if Neil Gaiman knows about him??

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