LaCreeperie Website Now Features Vinyl Records

Yes darlings, it's true! It seems that book people are often record people too. So I have decided to include a Vinyl Records category on the LaCreeperie website, and see how it goes.

 I've also decided to close my Etsy record shop JustCoolRecords after 8 years, which (in theory) will allow me more time for blogging and building my evil empire...mwahawwahahaa. But after taking an Instagram poll, it seemed people were interested in seeing vinyl on the LaCreeperie website. "Give the people what they want" is one of my mottos, and so a vinyl category was born.

You can expect to see Halloween related records, Horror, SciFi/Fantasy soundtracks, spooky sound effects albums and a few Pop Culture titles in the category. My main focus will always be books first, but I am having too much fun adding vinyl to the website. I've given up trying to keep abreast of all the new releases and reissues coming out faster than you can say BOO, but I promise to keep my record hunting skills honed to try to find the titles worthy of your attention.

Currently, new vinyl titles are being added to the website every weekend (or at least Saturdays), in an effort to build up the category and give you fresh, tasty records to devour weekly. Any plans to remove or increase the vinyl category will be addressed after a trial period of roughly six months.

Welcome fellow vinyl junkies, pull up a seat and stay awhile. You never know what treasures I will come across on my quest for delicious and desirable books for you to read, and spooky records for you to listen to. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Records have been permanently removed from the website. My time for selling them has run its course. Thank you to all who purchased records from me in the past, I hope you are enjoying them.