A Shadowed Path Podcast Episode 10: The Monster Club

Awww yeah...thrilled to be discussing such a rare film, soundtrack and rather unknown book of the film The Monster Club on the latest episode of the podcast. This episode was really fun to put together, and if you're not familiar with the film, I think you're in for a real treat. Without further ado, here's The Monster Club...

So as promised, below is a shot of a few of  R. Chetwynd-Hayes titles. There are several more in my collection, but since I didn't talk about them, I thought I'd save the rest for a spotlight on the author, to come at a later date. If you're looking for a new horror author to get into, you could do far worse than R.Chetwynd-Hayes, and he was very prolific, so there's loads out there to choose from.

I also promised that I would show a clip of the animated "stripper" scene from the film, because it's hilarious and awesome, so here it is...

I hope you enjoyed this Monster Club episode, and I hope it inspires you to watch it whether you've seen it before or not. Stay tuned for Episode 11 coming up on March 14. Thanks for listening!

A Shadowed Path Podcast Episode 9: The LOVE Episode

I knew this episode was going to air on Valentine's Day proper, so I knew I wanted to incorporate that into the show somehow, but I wasn't gonna play a bunch of crappy love songs. So I took a stroll through my vinyl collection, and began to find a common theme within my soundtrack section. Easily, I found nine completely different soundtracks that all had one obvious similarity; they were all love stories. And within them, every single one had a song with the word "love" in it. I had so much fun discovering this, and a blast putting everything together for this episode, I hope you enjoy it.

This episode is a little different from the previous 8 in that it's alllll about the music. That's no surprise, as music is and always has been my first love, and I wanted to showcase it within this episode all about love.

Below is a shot of all the soundtracks featured in this episode, and I couldn't recommend each and every one of them highly enough. Feel the love, yo!

Stay tuned for episode TEN (holy crap, already??) where I hopefully, finally, will premiere my first guest episode. Thanks as always for listening!

A Shadowed Path Podcast Episode 8: Ghost World

This film appeals to many different people on many different levels, I think. Whether you're a punk-spirited youth or a cranky, middle aged record collector, there's something to connect to in this dark comedy. Enter into episode 8 and Ghost World...

As I mention in the podcast, this film resonates with me in a lot of ways, and judging by the amount of interaction my Instagram pic got when I posted about the film, it resonates with A LOT of people, and I really like that. It's what prompted me to feature the film in its own episode. And if it prompts someone out there to watch the film if they haven't previously seen it, then my job is done.

Below is a shot of the books I talk about in the episode. I confess I'm not really a comic book or graphic novel reader, but I pulled out a few gems that might keep me from getting kicked out of the cool kids club.

I hope you enjoy this episode, I had great fun pulling the audio clips of my favorite parts (sorry for the less than stellar audio on them, I did my best!) and playing a few songs from the soundtrack. I only wish the soundtrack had gotten a vinyl release in time for this episode, but I'll let you in on a little secret...it's coming!

Episode 9 has an air date of VALENTINE'S DAY and I have something really special planned for it, so I hope you'll tune in. Thanks for listening!